Origin and history

Du Roy dragoons regiment was raised by the ordonnance on 20 July 1743 with 6 companies drew out from Royal , Mestre de Camp General, Bauffremont, Orléans, Nicolaï and Mailly.

During the seven years war their successive mestre de camp-lieutenant were: Alexandre Antoine of Montbéliard, count of Scey since August 1748 until 20 February 1761 and then Charles Marie of Sault, marquis of Créquy until 1779.

Service during the seven years war

During all the war the regiment was in Germany.
In 1757 it participated with the Low-Rhine army to the sieges of the dukedom places of Gueldres and Juliers, then to the conquest of the Haute Frise, the occupation of Meppen, Venner, Leer and Emben.
In December joined the Hanover army at Zell, then beated in retreat. In 1758 at Crefeld. In November strengthened the Soubise army, seized alone the town of Schwartzhausen and the castle of Calze.
At Minden in August 1759. In 1760 at Corbach and Warbourg, distinguished at Radern toppling the ennemy cavalry established on the heights, withstood the siege of Ziegenheim, distinguished on 13 September in a combat led along the Werra where the count of Bulow was beaten.
In 1761 at the combat of Kindelbruck, on 21 February walked on Kreimberg, attacked an artillery convoy and took seven canons. Quartered to Eimbeck, on 15 August Luckner attacked Mr. de Belsunce on the heights of Alsar, the french infantry flags were taken, an officer and two dragoons rode after them and after a brief skirmish restook flags that they restored to their colonels.

Distinctive of uniforms and saddle cloth

1743 ordonnance (chap. X): it will be blue dressed, having red lining as the waistcoat and the cuffs , yellow buttonholes, on both sides of the coat and only on one side of the waistcoat, with yellow aiguillettes. Fashioned buttons ( boutons d'orfèvrerie). Gold edged hat. Blue housing edged with a yellow braid and the angles ornated with fleur-de-lis.

1750 ordonnance: blue coat and lining. Blue cuffs and waistcoat. Blue housing and holster-caps edged with a wool braid of yellow background color embroidered with the colours of His Majesty, the epaulet similarly as the sabre-strap. Blue Fatigue cap and turn-up edged with the same braid that the housing.

1757 ordonnance (E. M.1759-1760): blue coat and lining. White cuffs and red waistcoat. White buttons. Waistcoat with withe flaps or lapels, buttonholes in threes.


Housing colours


Drummers and oboe

Drummers wore the small Royal livery : blue ground colour, laced with a red braid which stitched with a double white lace, that crossing in chain form great circles..


Flags colours


Blue flags, obverse sown with gold fleur-de-lis and with a gold sun in splendour with above a scroll with a red background, blue lining and the silver words "NEC PLURIBUS IMPAR", reverse with a gold rising sun in the low angle and above a scroll with the words " MULTORUM VIRTUS IN UNO ".