Origin and history

The Royal Dragoons regiment was raised in 1668, half drew out from the Etrangers du Roi regiment and the other from the Colonel General regiment.

The mestre de camp-lieutenant during the seven years war were the marquis of La Blache since 1744 to10 June 1757, at this time Joseph Alexandre, count of La Blache took over from him until 1770.

Service during the Seven Years War

The regiment from 1757 to 1759 ensured the safety of the Flanders and Artois coasts.In 1760 joined the army in Germany. On 22 August with the dragoons of Thianges and the chasseurs of Fischer near Zierberg toppled a considerable number of enemies over.During the campaign of 1761 distinguished at Corbach, Warbourg, Clostercamp.In 1762 returned to France

Distinctive of uniforms and saddle cloth

1750 ordonnance: Blue coat. Red lining, cuffs and waistcoat. Red housing and holster-caps edged with a wool braid in white background colour embroidered with the colors of His Majesty . The epaulet similarly as the sabre-strap. Blue fatigue cap, red turn-up, laced with the same braid as for housing.

1757 ordonnance (E.M. 1759-1760): blue coat. Red lining, cuffs and waistcoat. White buttons. Waistcoat laced with a large white wool braid of one pouce.


Housing colours


Drummers and oboes

Drummers wore the small Royal livery : blue ground colour, laced with a red braid which stitched with a double white lace, that crossing in chain form great circles.


Regimental flags


Fours blue flags, with each side sown with gold fleur-de-lis, a gold sun in splendour with above a scroll with red background, blue lining and the words "NEC PLURIBUS IMPAR" . Fringed by alternate remnants of gold and silver fringes.