Origin and history

The office of Colonel General dragoons was created in 1668 for the count of Péquilain who became later duke of Lauzun. The regiment was formed with half part from the Étrangers du Roi dragoons and a second part from the Royal dragoons. Marie Charles Louis Albert of Luynes, duke of Chevreuse obtained the Colonel General Dragoons regiment in 1754 until 1771.

During the seven years war there were successively two colonels-commander, at first Charles Marie Léopold count of Dunois since 1748 to 1758 and then Jean Louis Marie Riquet knight of Caraman to 1769. The colonel company of Colonel General Dragoons regiment was mounted on grey horses.

Service during the Seven Years War

In 1757 the regiment was at the camp of Stockheim, then joined the army of the marshal of Estrée. Distinguished at the battle of Hastembeck. The regiment participated to the campaign of 1758 in Germany at the battle of Crefeld. In 1759 the regiment returned to France to ensure the safety of the Saintonge coasts.  

Distinctive of uniforms and saddle cloth

1750 ordonnance : Red coat. Blue cuffs, waistcoat and lining. The waistcoat edged with a white wool braid. Blue housings and holster-caps edged with a white wool braid of 18 lignes wide. Red fatigue cap and blue turn-up white laced. White epaulet and sabre-strap.

1757 ordonnance (E.M. 1759-1760): Red coat. Blue cuffs, waistcoat and lining. Waistcoat edged with a white wool braid, white buttons.

The Museum of the Army possesses a saddlery ( housing and holster-caps) that belonged to the duke of Chevreuse, the ground colour is green instead of red accordind to the regulations, edged with a wide gild braid. In the angles of the housing with the ducke cypher embroidered on an escutccheon surmonted by a ducal crown, surrounded with the attributes of the Colonel General dragoons office; ten flags (instead of five normally) two white, four blue and four red, all sow with gold fleur-de-lis. Holster-caps was embroidered with five flags, two blue, two red and one white, sow with gold fleur-de-lis.  


Housing colours


Drummers and oboes

 Drummers wore Luynes's House livery whose ground colour was red.


Regimental flags


The regiment Colonel General always preserved the same flags since its creation until 1791. It possessed a first white flag or colonel flag, carried by the first company told colonel general company, this white flag had the both sides with gold flames (106) and in the middle the crowned King's monogram, gold embroidered and fringed. The three ordonnance flags were crimson with the same embroidery.